The Birth Preparation Concept

bloom@58 Founder Dominique Antiglio Explains the bloom@58 Birth Preparation Concept

I first came across Sophrology while in Switzerland, my birth place, aged 15.

Plagued with stress and constant fatigue, I was advised to see a Sophrologist to get to the root cause of my problems. I did not know it at the time, but my body was manifesting stress by making me feel always tired; my GP kept saying I was totally fine and healthy and there was nothing wrong. So why was I feeling exhausted? That could not be “normal” and I really wanted to find out more. Yes, I was busy with my studies and I was playing basketball competitively, but apart from that I was not experiencing any trauma. The tiredness was completely unjustified.

In my first Sophrology session I learned dynamic relaxation, breathing exercises, visualisations and body awareness which allowed me to understand what was going on in my life and how I was reacting to situations. Doing all the exercises regularly after that first session allowed me to regain my energy back and become more aware that I was responding to stress by bottling it up and that needed to change. My Sophrologist recorded each session so I could listen back to her voice and guided visualisations whenever I wanted. I practised each lunchtime for 15 minutes and after five weeks I felt stronger than ever. I understood that I could respond positively even to challenging situations.

Not only did Sophrology completely improve the quality of my life and raise my energy levels; years later, after qualifying as an osteopath I trained in Sophrology and had the honour of studying with Professor Alfonso Caycedo, founder of Sophrology.

Sophrology has been used for decades in Europe, particularly France, Spain and Switzerland, to help women during their pregnancy, labour and postpartum recovery. Having given birth to a beautiful baby boy, I can vouch for the value of practising Sophrology during and after pregnancy.

Don't settle for feeling exhausted all the time: you can learn to manage your stress levels, raise your energy levels, improve your sleep and embrace the changes in your body.

This is where our bloom@58 service can really make a difference to your health and wellbeing as a mum-to- be: you can gain access to therapies such as Sophrology to have a serene pregnancy and prepare for birth, whether it's assisted or natural.

Sophrology and Birth Preparation

After years of seeing osteopathy clients, I decided to practise only Sophrology to offer a unique mind/body therapy that allows people to feel more balanced and in control. In my work as a Sophrologist I often refer clients to other practitioners, for example for nutrition consultations. This experience made me realise that there is a need for a more integrated approach:

each client can benefit from receiving more than one form of treatment, plus each situation is different so why settle for a “one size fits all” service when you can have a care service that is completely tailored for your needs?

Having worked in London with pregnant women and having listened to their requirements and concerned, myself and my colleagues Amberin Fur (Osteopath) and Angelique Panagos (Nutritional Therapist) have given life to bloom@58 to provide a completely holistic birth preparation service.

We understand that each pregnancy is unique and, while it can have its share of challenges, our job is to ensure mothers-to-be appreciate and enjoy their experience and build a strong bond with their baby.

We welcome both first-time mothers and expectant mothers who had children before. We support them as their bodies accommodate their growing baby and look at factors such as posture, digestion and sleep. We recommend the best plan of action that is specific for each pregnancy using Sophrology, Osteopathy and Nutrition.

If we look at breathing, for example, the first issue that pregnant women encounter is that their breathing becomes more shallow, because their baby puts pressure on the diaphragm preventing it from expanding as much as it did before.

Sophrology breathing exercises can really help with improving the breathing by learning to adapt and maximise the intake of air.

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Why Choose bloom@58

The team at bloom@58 can help and support you with a number of common issues during pregnancy:

  • Low energy levels
  • Nausea, heartburn, constipation
  • Aches and Pain
  • Lack of sleep
  • Stress and anxiety
  • Shallow breathing
  • Decreased mobility
  • Cravings

These problems often require seeing more than one specialist: this is why a multi-disciplinary approach is the most efficient way to deal with them.

At bloom@58 we have an initial consultation with the client to understand her situation and medical history and, with her consent, we discuss the best way forward among the practitioners in the team. Each practitioner has a wealth of experience in women's health and can advise on what course of action to take to have a smooth and straightforward pregnancy as much as possible.

bloom@58 is based a wonderful clinic in South Molton Street near Bond Street. The clinic, founded by Michal and Noam Sagi, has a luxury environment while feeling welcoming and homely.

In addition to our core team we collaborate with great midwives, doulas, lactation consultants, practitioners and medical consultants.

Nurturing and Supporting Mothers-to-Be

We must remember that expecting a baby is an exciting time of life : yes, things at work and at home can be stressful, but let's celebrate the joy of bringing a new little human into the world ! As a mother myself I cherished every day of my pregnancy, whether it was plain sailing or challenging. I asked for support when I needed it and practised Sophrology regularly to allow me to stay in the present moment, stop myself from worrying about the future but instead getting myself physically and mentally ready for giving birth. The whole birth process and post partum recuperation taught me to be kind to myself, to understand women who are about to give birth, and I learned how to use alternative therapies to give myself and my baby the best support. I was so well looked after by a team of practitioners including a wonderful midwife, Tina Perridge, and I am still benefiting from this experience in my day-to- day life as I take care of my baby and am busy with work. I am so delighted that my baby had the best start in life, being cared for and being healthy and happy. Seeing him smile at me is so joyful ! I aim to bring the same level of joy and feeling of being supported to other women.

Because I have given birth and have the experience of working with pregnant women, I understand how important it is to feel nurtured and supported through each stage of pregnancy and motherhood, and how much complementary therapies can help have a healthy pregnancy.

Sometimes during a pregnancy you may feel helpless, too tired, aching everywhere and you wish you had more help.

Through practising Sophrology you can learn to more energised and better able to cope with everything life throws at you.

Your practitioner will advise you and support you with the choices you make for yourself and your baby.

Pregnancy is a time when women tend to feel more sensitive and vulnerable. Physical, mental and emotional changes happen continuously as a woman goes through a total reorganisation of her body, she becomes a parent for the first time, and sometimes she embarks on a change in career or working patterns. Because of all these constant mind and body changes throughout the 9 months of the pregnancy, complementary therapies can really make a difference to a woman's wellbeing.

With the right gentle and caring support, it is a time where a lot of healing can take place. Complementary therapies will not only support a woman to address the possible discomfort experienced during pregnancy and help her remain balanced and healthy, but it can also transform this journey into one of inner discovery and renewal.

Feeling prepared is the key message : Sophrology can give women the tools to feel confident, happier and less anxious during the pregnancy. Staying in the present moment is one of the best presents you can give yourself and your baby, to help you appreciate what you have, your life, your relationships.

Feeling mentally prepared for labour, breastfeeding and the inevitable lack of sleep means that you can face any situation feeling in control instead of feeling overwhelmed.

Even working backwards can help – looking back at the whole pregnancy and birth with a fresh perspective, focusing on the positive elements. With Sophrology you can learn to deal with stressful times at work, tiredness and even preparing yourself mentally for any medical interventions needed. Together with your partner, you can both practise Sophrology together and learn more about each other, understanding each other's needs. Also, fathers can sometimes feel left out, especially during the first few days and weeks from the birth of their baby. Sophrology can help them feel valuable within the family, make time to recharge their batteries and develop a close bond with their baby.

Partnership with Neighbourhood Midwives

Looking after and nurturing your baby after birth is as important as being prepared for labour. The bloom@58 team believes that continuity of care is very important so we have teamed up with Neighbourhood Midwives, a social enterprise founded by Tina Perridge specialising in midwifery care. I had the pleasure of working with Tina during my own pregnancy and she had made the whole experience entirely positive thanks to her expertise and knowledge. Her wisdom and amazing personality made me feel completely supported and empathised with.

The philosophy behind both Neighbourhood Midwives and bloom@58 is to put the woman at the centre of care and to provide high quality continuous care and advice.

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