Preparing for Birth

Feel calm, strong and in control for your big day with bloom@58

Giving birth can be extremely worrying for the mother-to-be, both emotionally and also in physical terms. We can help you make sure your mind and body are best prepared to get you through the experience positively. We can help with the normal anxieties expectant mothers have, such as the position of the baby, how the labour will progress and how to manage pain. The bloom@58 team have extensive experience in helping with these concerns and working alongside your obstetrician and midwife.

All of our sessions are tailor made to the individual. We will guide you to the right combination of approaches to make sure you are completely ready for the big day. Please call for further details: 020 7706 1997

What we can help with – Preparing for Birth

  • Eating and nutrition for optimal health as you near full term
  • Alleviate and manage aches and discomforts pre-labour
  • Optimize body’s mobility and health for labour
  • How to manage pain during labour
  • How to relax and be confident
  • Stress and anxiety
  • Boosting internal resources of strength and energy


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