Dominique Antiglio – Sophrology

Dominique is one of the UK’s leading Sophrologists and Sound Therapists specializing in stress- management, self-development, pregnancy, birth preparation and stress issues associated with early motherhood. Her passion for Sophrology started at a young age and she was fortunate enough to train with Professor Caycedo, founder of the discipline.

As a sophrologist, and with her broad background in health, Dominique employs a unique balance of science and empathetic therapy with her clients making good use of the mind/body connection. Through her understanding of this connection Dominique is able to help her clients develop their inner strengths and resources. This is profoundly beneficial for pregnant women who can tap into these resources and feel empowered and in control throughout the changes pregnancy brings, prepare for childbirth, manage pain during childbirth and cope with the stresses of the early days of motherhood.

Dominique is also a qualified osteopath, training at the European School of Osteopathy, Maidstone, with a specialization in pregnancy and babies. She worked as an osteopath in her native Switzerland for more than 12 years. Dominique’s broad experience and understanding of different disciplines led to her initiating the bloom@58 project, to provide the best possible start for mums, babies and even the dads!

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