Amberin Fur & Associates – Osteopathic Consultancy

Amberin Fur has spent over 20 years working in the Osteopathic Field. She currently lectures at the leading university for osteopathy in Europe, The British School of Osteopathy. She has worked to create children’s clinics in London (through the SureStart Program) and Internationally (at a School for children with learning difficulties) working with a multidisciplinary approach to each patients health. She was chosen to represent Osteopathy as a member of the core medical services at the London 2012 Olympic Games. She has served on the British Gymnastics medical team for 12 years which strengthened a deeper understanding of the body through her work in International competitions.

At post graduate level she has gone on to study ‘Women’s Health in the Osteopathic Field’ specifically focusing on preparing and supporting women from pre conception to post partum. Ultimately her passion is supporting body efficiency, coupled with her understanding of the body and the ever changing mechanics in pregnancy, allows your journey to be supported throughout. As a mother of three, this is an area she is both interested in and passionate about.

Amberin is supported by hand picked consultants who both complement and care for her patients. She works in a ‘patient centered approach’, where the patients needs are paramount and as a member of their healthcare team she is happy to work with other allied professionals to ensure the patients best outcome.

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