Pregnancy, birth and beyond

What we offer

Be healthy, happy and confident at every step with the bloom@58 team

Antenatal & 1st Trimester care

The bloom@58 team, all complimentary health professionals, are on hand to help with the physical discomforts and emotional adjustments or worries of pregnancy.

2nd & 3rd Trimester Support

Our aim is to support and prepare you, physically, mentally and emotionally so you can be healthy, happy and enjoy your pregnancy.

Preparing for Birth

Giving birth can be extremely worrying for the mother-to-be, both emotionally and also in physical terms. We can help you make sure your mind and body are best prepared to get you through the experience and to make it positive and joyous.

Post partum care

The Bloom team understand how the first few weeks of motherhood can be difficult, particularly for first time mums. It is also the most exciting time of your life, and we want you to be rested, calm and feeling blissful to enjoy it.


Complete care, advice and support from the top team of complementary health therapists in London, to guide you through every step of pregnancy, birth and beyond.


A totally bespoke approach combining the best complementary therapies to support you at every step of the way

Dominique will teach you breathing and relaxation methods, body awareness and positive visualization to help you feel calm, confident and in control about giving birth. Sophrology is a safe, efficient and simple way to prepare for birth and learn pain management skills. It offers a comprehensive approach to support you in every step of your pregnancy from dealing with the possible physical discomforts and life's stresses, to helping you become the mother you want to be.
Angelique will develop a bespoke nutrition plan tailored to you which will help lay the foundations for a healthy and happy pregnancy from conception through to birth. Your nutrition plan will aid not only in brain development and healthy growth for baby but also help to keep energy levels up, improve the health, digestion and well being of the expectant mother, and it can even help minimise stretch marks too! Nutritional therapy is the application of the science behind nutrition and food. What you put into your body when you’re expecting plays a vital role in the present and future health of both mother and child.
Amberin uses a system of healthcare giving you a functional approach to your pregnancy. Working alongside conventional care the aim is to support, release and prepare the body and mind through the many changes pregnancy brings from preconception to well after the birth.
Further support
As soon as you enter bloom@58 therapeutic space, and after an initial assessment, we will advise the best integrated approach to make sure you reach your goals. Along the core team expertise, we also work with a team of trusted acupuncturists, private consultants, independent midwives etc.. We all work closely with each other for the benefit of our clients and to make sure you receive the best integrated care.